We are now introducing Beyond Organic Amasai GreenFed Cultured Dairy Products! 

Beyond Organic goes above and beyond getting this drink ready for you!  Their cattle graze on grasses and greens such as forbs, herbs and legumes.  No grain is ever given to the cattle and they are allowed to free-roam on over thousands of acres of organic pasture in the Ozark Mountain Foothills.  This smoothie-type beverage is cultured with over 30 probiotics making it easy to digest.  Beyond Organic Amasai is from true whole milk and is never skimmed resulting in a complete, more natural balance and seasonal variation of fats and proteins.  This provides key minerals and fat-soluble vitamins.  We have Plain, Raspberry and Blueberry Açaí for your enjoyment.

We hope you enjoy!  

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